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Every year we need 20 auto pay members to be financial stewards of the Sunday morning weekly Ecstatic Dance Silicon Valley located in Palo Alto at the Lucie Stern Community Center.  At this time we are inviting all end of year donations for 2015.  Donations are tax deductible by the extent of the law. If you or someone you know feels inspired and is financially available to become a member or donate to this community offering please join us today to support music, movement medicine and communion of community in Silicon Valley.  Together we are returning an ancient way of being to the people.  DONATION LINK
  • All donations are welcome including one time donations; auto pay monthly donations; corporate matching donations.
  • Ecstatic Dance Silicon Valley is a fiscally sponsored non-profit arts, community and charitable project with Fractured Atlas. Our official project name with Fractured Atlas is Club Conscious™  All donations benefit Ecstatic Dance Silicon Valley and support dance scholarship for those in need, rental cost, insurance, music, education, research and development, equipment maintenance and more.  
  • Monthly memberships are a minimum of $80/monthly auto pay online.  Please also include the administrative fee in your auto pay.  
  • Monthly auto pay memberships include pre-payment to every Sunday morning dance.  Sign in as a member and there is no need to pay at the door.  Your membership dues will ensure our weekly Sunday morning rent is paid and we can continue dancing and sustaining the longevity of this valuable community development for meaningful ecstatic experiences in Silicon Valley and beyond.
  • One time yearly payment is also a membership.  To figure your yearly payment add the number of Sundays remaining in the upcoming year and multiply by $20, the sum will equal your one time payment for your yearly membership.
"Perhaps change is less about fixing a broken world and more about uncovering a hidden wholeness 
in all events, all organizations and all people and remembering our personal power to make a difference." - Rachel Naomi Remen 

The Need For The Ecstatic

Wendy Marie Executive Director & Founder
Ecstatic Dance Silicon Valley, A Shamanic Disco™, Club Conscious™, The Mindfulness Arts & Cultural Center
Co-Founder Ecstatic Dance Santa Cruz
P 408.857.5090


Club Conscious™ and Ecstatic Dance Silicon Valley are a part of anon-profit nationwide community, arts and charitable project fiscally sponsored by 
Fractured Atlas a non-proftit arts service organization.  Ecstatic Dance Silicon Valley is part of a global movement community with Ecstatic - together we are building bridges to community through music and movement medicine.  The Sunday morning weekly Ecstatic Dance Silicon Valley also called Sacred Grooves Palo Alto provides updates to schedule and invitations to community gatherings on our FB group or our monthly community news letter please sing up.  Live DJ's, freeform conscious dancing and movement meditation.  A safe space to fall apart and come together through music, movement and communion of community. We begin again, every movement is a prayer, practicing non-judgment for self and others; as we embody the transformation available in the dance, we open to a new way of hearing, seeing, and being in this world that is our more authentic version of our self.  The dance teaches us to find new ways to move through barriers and stuck places.  Our bodies are wise and the sacred dance gives us permission to be fully expressed in an intentional space with supportive community.  In the collective field we share the global intention of safe and sacred dance space with our dancing family Ecstatic Dance you are invited to move with what is sharing our human and spiritual struggles and our celebrations.

Wendy Marie is the Executive Director & Founder of Club Conscious, Ecstatic Dance Silicon Valley, A Shamanic Disco™, The Mindfulness Arts & Cultural Center and Co-Founder of Ecstatic Dance Santa Cruz - All a part of a growing intentional practice community recreating safe and healing connection with self and with others.  Supporting conscious community development and safe sacred space for inclusive international community gathering together for inspiration, support and collective wisdom.  Together we are unfolding a dream for our communities recreating the human community and reshaping it's course while empowering and uniting people to care for themselves, others and the planet we are all a part of and depend on.

An intentional refuge for community to gather together in sacred space to be fully expressed.  The center is an inclusive gathering space for people to share inspiration, support and collective wisdom; re-establishing trust and cohesion, shared resonsibiltiy, individual and community recovery, healing and awareness for creating spirit based cultural change and purposeful living.

Our future includes a dedicated building with an intentional library, safe space for artistic expression, music, art, conscious dancing, contact improvisation, drum circles, educational services for self awareness and personal development, wisdom and council circles, workshops, discussion groups on self expression, embodiment as a language, conscious communications and purposeful living, mindfulness practicing including meditation, holistic healing, yoga, cultural activities, one-on-one mentoring, sustainable education for our planet, donation yoga (including yoga for special needs, veterans, single parent families, cancer patients in recovery and more), drum circles, elder wisdom, sound healing, performance art, workshops, outreach, volunteer opportunities, community fundraising, worshop space, movement meditation, kids Club Conscious, after school mindfulness programs, shared community rental space and more.


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