Club Conscious & Ecstatic Dance Silicon Valley


No talking • No shoes • No alcohol/drugs • No perfumes/colognes • No cameras/phones • Respect the space and the people in it.

Freedom with responsibility.  Together we share the intention of holding a conscious, sacred and safe dance space. Move any way you wish. Allow each other the space to move freely, intentionally practicing sensing, intuition, and mindful thinking inspired by music and movement medicine.  Immerse yourself in the education of the conscious dance culture and the community, Conscious Dancer Magazine is available to everyone.

"In many Shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions.  When did you stop dancing?  When did you stop singing?  When did you stop being enchanted by stories?  When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence?" - Gabrielle Roth 1941 - 2102, 5 Rhythms


  • If you would rather not dance with someone or you are completing a dance with someone place your hands together in prayer position at your heart.  Please practice not taking it personally when an invitation to dance is a no-thank you, or when someone consciously completes a dance with you.  Leaving a dance before the que in the music or at anytime you feel like leaving a dance is absolutely part of the practice.
  • The conscious dance practice is here for all abilities regardless of physical abilities.
  • Bring drinking water.  There is water in the lobby if you need to refill.  Please bring sustainable bottles rather than plastic 
  • Please shower/bathe before coming to dance.  Support a scent free environment.  
  • Please bring a change of shirts if you sweat and want to dance with others.  Change your shirt as often as needed.
  • Dress in layers, no buttons, zippers, no hard wearable accessories, soft hair accessories.
  • If you are dancing energetically, chaotically please keep your eyes open.
  • Dancing with partners, please only attempt lifts if you are trained.
  • Contact improv dancing is welcome in this space.  The wall, the floor and other dancers can inspire and support a deep movement meditation practice to explore movement, gravity and connection.
  • This dance space does not tolerate unwelcome approaches, sexual or otherwise.  You will be asked to leave the dance space.  Or, you will be assigned some work related to your personal learning for educational embodiment practices.
  • Sounds, please be aware that all of our movement including exaggerate and extensive sound making, can pull other dancers out of their process.  
  • Bring a healthy snack for yourself and/or to share with others after dancing.
  • When departing the dance space, please look around to see if you are leaving anything behind.  Please bring all of your belongings with you when you leave.  


Kids and families please follow the same guidelines above so everyone can share a space for deep introspection in sacred dance space.  We are all facilitators of the dance space and outside these walls in our daily lives.  Our movements, our sounds, how we use space, connect with ourselves and others matters.  Every movement is a prayer.  Our awarenes is an ongoing practice of consciousness and presence.  
  • Altar space -  Please do not allow kids to wander or play through the altar space.  The altar space is here for stillness and meditation. Please accompany your child when they are at the altar, including arrival and departure.  There are candles at the altar, please be with your kids at all times when they are at the altar.
  • Sign in - Please sign in for yourself as an individual and individually for your child.    
  • Cost - Kids under 14 are free.
  • Lobby area -  A dedicated QUIET space for whispering when talking is needed outside the sacred dance space.  This space is for signing in, arrival, and kids are welcome here with quiet toys, reading, coloring, knitting, etc.  Please keep the walkways and entrances clear.  
  • Entering and exiting the dance space -  Please escort your children in and out of the dance space.  Coming in and out of a sacred dance space repeatedly, and/or loudly, without awareness to the space can be a "container buster", dusturbing the process of dancers and the space as a whole.  Partner with children teaching how to come and go gracefully and gently through the entrances and exits of the sacred dance space.
  • Dance time - Provide a reasonable duration of time for your kids to be in the dance space appropriate to their ability to hold the sacred dance space.  Kids are welcome to be in the dance space when they respect the space and the people in it at all times including, warm ups, silent meditation, conscious pauses for invocations, and quiet introspection, and other times of purposeful silence.  Most kids will not be able to hold the sacred movement space for the 2 hour+ journey.  Please support their journey and be aware of their needs in this process.  
  • Dance space - This space is a movement  meditation space for all ages, a "playground" unique to our Western culture.  The sacred dance space is not a traditional "playground".  It is a space for mindful freedom of expression including mindful playfulness and dance. Safety in the dance space is a priority.  Please do not go near the sounds system, do not go into the DJ area.  
  • Closing circle - Kids are welcome to sit in closing circle when they respect the circle process.  Please partner with your kids to exit the dance space before circle begins if needed.  
  • Noise reducing and ear protection - We have ear plugs at the entrance of the dances.  Another option is noise reducing earmuffs 
We are learning together and growing an all inclusive movement community in Silicon Valley.  It is unique to our culture to have a shared dance space where families and children of all ages can come together to share a freeform movement practice, inspired by eclectic global music, with live DJ's and performing arts at a community level.  We continue to dream of a space that will be our own for community to gather together, where there will be a kids specific venue dedicated to raising this generation of children with embodied awareness, music, movement as medicine, and mindful living.  Until then, we are sharing space with community centers, and other rental venues.

What is it like to breath, move and allow deeper listen in the dancing moments with our children?  How do we allow freedom of expression while creating safe and sacred space on the dance floor and in our world?  Being present, allowing embodied expression with all of our feelings, all of our thoughts, and all of our being is a life practice on and off the dance floor.


As practitioners struggle less with themselves, energy is freed up that can also be directed towards helping others.  - Mindfulness Meditation
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