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When we walk alone we may be wandering;  when we walk together we transform our Spiritual quest into a path of enrichment and purpose.  Together in intentional circle our creativity unfolds in unexpected ways, we find a therapeutic process that is only possible when we gather together with other women, together we nurture our growth as individuals and as a whole community.

Womens Circle Fall/Winter season begins Sunday October 5th 2014 and completes on Sunday March 15th 2014.  We meet two times a month, every 1st and 3rd Sunday 6p - 9p in a very sweet spot for sacred community in Palo Alto, CA.  Specific address provided upon registration and payment, including more information and details about our circle gatherings.  Please register as soon as possible, space is limited.  If there are women you would like to circle with please share the invitation with them.   


Women's circle intentionally brings women together in a safe and sacred space to inspire, support and share collective wisdom.  Facilitator, Wendy Marie.  Together we co-create a sacred space for meaningful meditation, deep heartfelt presence, a safe and confidential space to come as you are, to be heard and seen in community, practicing listening and sharing without judgment, shame or blame. 

Women's circle is inspired by the work of Christina Baldwin Calling The Circle: The First and Future Culture and supported by Club Conscious Community a non profit sponsored charitable, arts and community project in Silicon Valley.  We are an inclusive women's tribe unbound by history, culture, race, religion, politics, or sexual orientation.  If you are feeling empowered or you are feeling a need to be supported, this circle is for you.  Sometimes we come to circle because we need it, other times we come because others need us.  The circle will unfold, the magic will serve us as individuals and as a whole community being nourished as we take the time to slow down together.  

Circle is offered at a sliding scale $15 - $30 per circle based on your income and financial abundance.  Your offerings go toward rent of space, insurance, administration, facilitation, research and development, education, healthy food, music and sacred art.  Payments include 6 months of twice a month women's circle.  Our final circle on Sunday September 7th is included as an additional circle at no cost to you, it is a gift.  Each circle is 3 hours including meditation, presence, facilitated and guided connection with self and with community, processing through mindful support, inspiration and shared wisdom, we will pause to nourish our bodies with healthy food.  We will discover and share our gifts, our offerings, our skills and how we can live more fully into a giving and receiving community, deepening through our hearts and our awareness. Rippling our awareness into the world around us, we know we are not alone.                                                                                                              

Sliding Scale

"When the Time of the White Buffalo approaches, the third generation of the White Eyes' children will grow their hair and speak of love as the healer of the Children of Earth.  These children will seek new ways of understanding themselves and others." - Jamie Sams, The Discovery of Self Through Native Teachings  

Learn more about upcoming community circles and conscious gatherings in Silicon Valley -  SIGN UP for the monthly newsletter.  The all gender community circle will be launching soon.

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